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About The Jerry J. Dawson Civic Leadership Institute

Learn More by viewing our segment on News Channel 20.

The Jerry J. Dawson Civic Leadership Institute is named for former Macon County Sheriff Jerry J. Dawson, who served the Sheriff’s Office for more than 30 years. Jerry Dawson not only embodies the spirit of those who serve their communities, he also represents a positive figure for young people to emulate, modeling essential behaviors for students to adopt as they become productive members of our society. 


The Dawson Civic Leadership Institute (DCLI) focuses on ensuring that students are aware of and develop a deeper understanding of what civic engagement is and how to contribute their talents to impact in the community they know. One important component of civic engagement is politics. As such, one Pillar of DCLI is Political Engagement and Local Governance. FlexMyVote is a platform with young people as the intended content consumers.

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